5 Last Minute & Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Photo by Mandy von Stahl on Unsplash

It's 2020 🎉 and Valentine's Day is tomorrow! If you're a BALLER on a BUDGET like me, or a procrastinator, then check out my post below 😏.

#1- A Single Rose

Photo by Sophie Dale on Unsplash

They say that it’s harder to choose a single rose than it is to buy a dozen. This Valentines Day, take out the time to pick the perfect single stem rose for your significant other.

  • I love when I come home and James has a single rose waiting for me on my nightstand. Red is the classic color for a rose, especially for Valentine’s Day because it means: love, passion, and romance. However, I prefer pink because of its strong aroma and different shades. Each shade has its own meaning from feminine to grace & elegance. Whatever you choose, I’m sure they’ll love it!

~ Tip ~

Want your rose to last forever? Buy a fake one and spray it with their cologne (thanks Lex). Add a heartfelt card, box of chocolate, and/or wine to take it to the next level.

Here’s two links for fake single stem roses: Hobby Lobby , Walmart and a link to see the different meanings of every color rose.

Photo by MARK S. on Unsplash

#2- Music

Making a playlist for someone is so nostalgic. It takes me back to the days when we made mix tapes from songs on the radio lol. Get a list of their favorite songs, play them while dancing, and create your own vibe 😊. If you're really into music, write them a song and perform it! (also a vibe!)

#3- Romantic Dinner

You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner for two! Here’s two options:

Budget Friendly: “DIY Dinner by Candle Light”

  • Prepare their favorite meal. Add wine, dessert, candle light...AND Boom Bam, There It Is💥!

Splurge: “ooo...He got Money”

  • If you got it, spend it! Ruth's Chris has amazing EVERYTHING!

I'm just sayin' 🤷🏾‍♀️.

There's so many options & "It's Your Thang, Do What You Wanna Do"

#4- Jewelry

Who doesn't love Jewelry? Real, Costume, or Plastic - Shout out to my preschool students .

Jewelry can be purchased from pretty much anywhere: a supercenter, jewelry store, or a kiosk in the mall (we don’t judge).

  • *Sidebar* - All my ex-boyfriend's had a "gold" chain with a cross that I bought from a Kiosk in the mall - except one- and that's because he got a name plate belt (also bought from a kiosk in the mall) haha!

My favorite jewelry comes from Target and right now they have a 20% off sale on all Jewelry.

#5- Spa Treatment

Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

Whether you book a spa treatment, or pull out ALL the stops and pamper them at home, your significant other will feel relaxed and appreciated!

~ Tip ~

  • Almond oil is a great moisturizing oil that feels amazing when warmed and massaged into the skin.

  • Run a hot bath for him/her before using the oil. The bath is relaxing and will open their pores in preparation for their massage.

  • Try lighting candles and playing soft music to create a relaxing atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed these last minute Valentine’s Day suggestions!

My blog goal for 2020 is to post at least twice a month. If you have any topics that you would like me to post about, leave a comment below. Also, let me know if you try any of these suggestions!

Have a very special Valentine’s Day!

Always with love,


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