DIY Spring Dining Tablescape

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Terrilyn's Spring Tablescape 2020

I love decorating my home, especially when I can do it for the "low- low".

My favorite room to decorate is the dining room.

My focal point? The table.

Since our apartment is small, and we have dark furniture, I keep our decor light and neutral.

My style is a mix of rustic farmhouse chic, glam, and boho.

Below I've made a "how to" list equipped with pictures, pricings, and stores. Check it out!

1. Pick a color scheme and/or theme

  • Choose one or two main colors and one or two accent colors

Note: My color schemes and themes are usually seasonal.

2. Use what you have

  • Before you go out and purchase anything, check and see what you have at home first. I reuse a lot of decor from previous projects (dishes, crafts, faux flowers, etc).

  • I used a china set that I inherited for this project, but a lot of the time, I use sets that I've purchased from: dollar tree, thrift stores, and target.

3. Thrift what you need

  • Unless you want to purchase from a specific place, go thrifting. 9 times out of 10 I find what I'm looking for at a thrift store. Not to mention, I save a ton of money!

  • The goodwill has great buys for the "low low". I've purchased a china set, table linen, and silverware - all for a great price. #shopsmart #Ilovethrifting

  • The dollar tree has very nice dining sets as well. I also purchase faux floral bundles and other crafts from the dollar tree. Each item is only $1 each. You can't beat that!

Other TIPS:

  • Flowers always add a touch of glam and class.

  • If you have dark furniture, use lighter materials for a beautiful contrast.

  • Play around with textures and shades of the same color

Example: I paired a gray- ridged placemat with a gray faux wood charger to give the design personality and flare.

  • Try decorating with a theme!

This china pattern has pink flowers and blue stems

Here's an overview of my thought process for my spring tablescape:

  • Season: Spring

  • Theme: Country Chic

  • Color Scheme: Gray, White, & Cream

  • Accent Colors: Soft Pink & Blue

  • Craft(s): White Faux Flowers and Hexagon Mirror Plates (I placed these underneath the china and flowers)

Prices & Store

Here's a list of prices and the stores where each item was purchased.

*Note: I did not purchase anything for this specific project. Everything I used was gifted, inherited, or reused from a previous project.

  • Chargers (4): $1ea - Dollar Tree

  • Dining Set: $0 (inherited)

  • Napkin Rings (4): $1ea - Christmas Tree Shops

  • Placemats (4): $2 ea - Christmas Tree Shops

  • Pink & Blue Feather Napkin: $0 (gifted)

  • Faux White Gardenia (2): $1.50 ea - Hobby Lobby (purchased when flowers were half off)

  • Faux White & Cream Floral Bundles (2) : $1ea - Dollar Tree

  • Hexagon Mirror Plates (3)- not pictured above): $1.50ea - Michaels (purchased with 40% off coupon)

TOTAL: $25.50

Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY Spring Dining Tablescape.

Please let me know if you liked this post in the comment section below.

Also, if you make a tablescape, please feel free to tag me on instagram @terrilyndouglas and use #diytablescapetd and #terrilydouglas.

Happy Spring and stay indoors! Be blessed.

Always with love,


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