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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Busy, Busy, Busy. My life, like most, is filled with a million and one things to do because of the many hats I wear. There's just never enough time in a day, and unfortunately, cleaning my home is one of the things that suffers the most.

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Growing up, my mom made us clean every weekend, RELIGIOUSLY. Throughout the week we had to straighten up so that the house stayed clean, and the weekends were for really getting "down and dirty" (scrubbing base boards, scrubbing the kitchen floor on our hands and knees, dusting our massive trophy shelf, etc) . It was a rule that if we didn't clean, we didn't get to go anywhere (also we'd get knocked out 👊🏽lol). Since I've become an adult, I haven't been the most consistent with keeping my home clean, so I've come up with a cleaning guide to help me, and hopefully help you, keep your home clean and tidy---- while still having a crazy busy schedule. #creategoodhabits


and tips!

First, we clean!

If your home is in shambles like mines was, and you don't have a lot of time, clean one or two rooms every day for a week until your entire home is clean.

- OR-

If you have the time, take one day to clean your entire home.

Next- Make A Cleaning Schedule

Once your home is clean, the objective is to keep it that way, so straightening up one or two different rooms every day will ensure that it stays clean.

Make a schedule of which day each room will be straightened out based on the use of the room, and the amount of time you have to spend on it.

LAST- Choose your Deep Cleaning Days, & Solicit Help

I deep clean on Friday's or Saturday's depending on whether or not we have a gig that weekend.

If you have children, your job is even easier because they can help with the cleaning depending on their age, and if you're husband is more than happy to help, then that works too! (James takes care of all of the trash and vacuums the floors for me)

~ Tips ~

- Watching tv, talking on the phone, etc while cleaning can be too distracting. Try listening to an audio book instead (they're free on youtube). I've been loving the Nora Roberts novels. .

- Find a place for everything in your home and put things back after using them before leaving each room.

- When doing laundry, try to wash, dry, fold, and put your clothes in your drawers/closet right away, or else they'll live on your couch forever lol.

- Some rooms will need to be cleaned daily regardless to your schedule. For me it's the Bathroom and Kitchen.

And that's it! Simple. Here's A Quick example of what my cleaning schedule looks like (posted below). Please comment below if you're interested in a PDF Free Cleaning Chart to help you get started.

Have a blessed day!

Always with love,


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