Home Series |Part 2| DIY Air Fresheners & Multipurpose Cleaners

I'm back! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, and all that good stuff! Before I jump into the blog, I just want to apologize for kind of disappearing for a little while. Life happened and I had to step away, but I'm back and ready for 2019!

----------> On to the blog!

If you've been following my blog posts, then you know that I love when my home smells good. I like to try new things so, I've been dabbling with using essential oils to make my own home air freshener and multipurpose cleaners. #nontoxic.

I've also included my favorite "oldie but goodie" hack for febreeze. Check it out below.

"FAUX- Breeze" Diy Fabric Freshener

*Shout out to Larry for the name!*


- Favorite Fabric Softener (I use "Suavitel"- Field Flowers (You can buy it here or here))

- Water

- Spray Bottle


Pour 1 part fabric Softener to 2- 4 parts Water (depending on the size of your spray bottle and preference) into a plastic or glass spray bottle. Spray faux- breeze on all fabrics and enjoy!


For a more potent fragrance, add more fabric softener. If you're using Suavitel, then you'll want to add more water. Suavitel is thick and very fragrant, so a little goes a long way. I spray this on all of my fabrics and sometimes use it as an air freshener.

Your home will smell fresh for days!

To see my blog post on having the Freshest smelling laundry, click here

"Citrus" Diy Air Freshner

All my non-toxic mamas and citrus lovers, these next two recipes are for you!

Air Freshener Ingredients:

- 15 drops Orange essential oil

- 15 drops Peppermint essential oil

- 15 drops Lemon essential oil

- 3 drops Tea tree essential oil

- 1 tsp Rubbing alcohol

- Water (fill the bottle)

- 8 oz Glass Spray Bottle


Fill your 8oz glass bottle with water. Add all other ingredients and shake well.

Easy peezy!

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

"Citrus Multipurpose Cleaner"

- 35 drops Orange essential oil

- 30 drops Peppermint essential oil

- 20 drops Lemon essential oil

- 5-7 drops Tea tree essential oil

- 1 cup Water

- 1 cup Distilled Vinegar

- 16 oz Glass Spray Bottle


Fill your 16 oz glass bottle with water and vinegar. Add all other ingredients and shake well.


I use this to clean and disinfect the counters in my kitchen, cutting boards, and most hard surfaces around my home.Tea tree purifies the air in your home, but it is very strong, so I tend to use less.

If you're not into citrus, then try other essentials oils. I hear that lavender and peppermint make a great team. The more you use essential oils, the more you'll understand which fragrances mix well together. You can also base your mixtures on the amazing benefits they offer. Whenever using essential oils, you want to try and use an amber or cobalt glass bottle because plastic and sunlight can effect the expiration date of the oil. If you use a clear glass bottle like I do (I already had it on hand), then try to keep the glass stored away from the sun when you're not using it.

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog. Right now I'm on the hunt for a budget friendly and efficient essential oil diffuser. If you have any suggestions please list them below. I'm also going to try that lavender and peppermint essential oil mixture. I'll give you guys an update! Until next time.

Have a blessed day and stay warm!


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