Recipe: Building A Relationship with God

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I’ve been making a serious effort to live for Christ for about 5 years now, and as the mothers used to say in testimony service, "I may not be where I want to be, but I thank God that I’m not where I used to be” lol. What I’ve learned though is that “LIFE” happens. A lot actually. And when it does, we NEED to have a strong relationship with God to lean on. We all know that the devil exists to kill, steal, and destroy, but it seems that he makes a special effort when we decide to really live for Christ, and as my students would say:

I'M 👏🏽 NOT 👏🏽HERE 👏🏽 FOR 👏🏽 IT.

Therefore, I've come up with a special recipe that will help you build a relationship with God, and when satan comes-a- knockin’, you’ll be ready to knock 👊🏽 him out--- with God’s Word of course 🙃.

Terrilyn’s Recipe for:

Building A Relationship with God

Please note that I encourage you to change it up. Make this recipe and ingredients your own. Have fun!


- 1 cup of thankfulness

- 2 cups of determination to grow in God

- 1 mustard seed of faith (at least, if you have more, feel free to add)

- 1 focused mind

- 1 cup of repentance (feel free to add more if necessary)

- 1 private room or space w/ or w/out something to sit on

(Right now I’m in our spare bedroom. I pray once James leaves for work (which is very early), but I’ll have my own space soon :-). I sit up in my bed, eyes wide open

- 1 warm blanket (optional, if it’ll make you fall asleep, omit)

- Thoughts, worries, petitions (this may vary on a daily)

- Listening ears

- Any beverage of your choosing

(I love water and hot tea)

- 1 Bible or bible app

(I like use both and NLT is my favorite version)

- 1 Laptop and/or notebook

(I use both of these as well lol)


  1. Find a private room where you will not be interrupted. You can sit in a chair, on your couch, in your bed, or even on the floor/outside. Do whatever works best for you. Make sure not to get too comfortable. You don’t want to fall asleep lol

  2. Take your warm blanket, cup of tea, bible, notebook/laptop, and set them up however suits you. I like to have my bible and notebook on my lap, my laptop to my right, and my cup of tea on my nightstand to my left. Phone is on silent.

  3. Take 3-5 minutes to block out all other thoughts. Draw in your mind and focus on God. Sleepiness, thoughts about work, to do lists, etc may tempt you to stop, but use your determination to grow in God to shut them down.

  4. Start by thanking God for all the wonderful things he’s done in your life and tell him how wonderful he is.

  5. Repent- Ask God for forgiveness for your sins, known and unknown

  6. Talk/cry out freely to God about what’s on your mind. Bring him your petitions. Tell him how you feel. He listens when no one else does and you can ask him anything.

  7. Listen. God will speak to you if you just take the time out to listen. Make sure you keep your mind focused on him. You don’t want to make up your own revelation and think that it was a word from the Lord.

  8. As you continue your day, don’t leave him in your private space, take him with you everywhere.

  9. Try to find the joy in life. Especially on your worst days. Be mindful, this can be easier said than done.

  10. Repeat everyday (please note that if you forget or don’t plan well, make sure you stop and make some time - even if it’s just a moment to thank him).

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. I enjoyed making it. What are some of your ingredients in your time with the Lord? I would love for you to share them in the comment section.

I pray that God grants you all the desires of your heart ❤.

Always wit love,


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